Cedar Park and the Future

Cedar Park is a city in transition.  We’ve grown from around 36,000 to almost 80,000 in the 14 years I’ve lived here, and we’re expected to pass 100,000 residents in the next few years.  That’s a large little city!  Our biggest challenges over the next few years are sustainability, balancing our priorities, and budgeting.  But with great challenges come great opportunities – opportunities for high-quality jobs, cultural and sports events, beautiful parks and trail systems connecting us, and excellent food and entertainment venues just steps from home.  Together we can make the best decisions for who and where we are now, with a discerning eye on how to prepare for the future.


I’m focused on the long-term sustainability of our wonderful city, and I will keep working towards this. Sustainability isn’t just environmental, though that’s a large part of it.  It includes sound fiscal policy, robust and forward-thinking city planning, a focus on high-quality staffing of our public safety and civilian departments, and maintaining a high level of public trust.  If residents and businesses don’t trust their elected officials or the city, no amount of planning will keep us from struggling under all the other pressures.  I want to give citizens opportunities to be included and invested in our future. In order to be as open, accessible, and up-front with the public as possible, I will continue my open office hours weekly, as I have since the beginning of my tenure, continue posting our meeting agendas, and keep promoting public meetings and town halls.


I’m committed to striking the right balance between increased demand for services and amenities and focusing on affordability.  By thoughtfully bringing in businesses, office space, entertainment, and retail to Cedar Park, we can lower the tax burden for residents.  I’ve voted two years in a row to lower the tax rate, and we passed the first-ever Homestead Exemption in our city’s history.  Because of our measured tax rate decreases and early repayment of bond debt, we solidified our AA+ bond rating (second-highest), earning a premier interest rate and savings of over $1 Million.  I’m committed to continuing this sound fiscal policy because I understand that it is vital to the health and future of our city.


I love Cedar Park!  My husband Richie and I are so happy we made the decision to raise our children here. Our city is amazing.  Together we can ensure our community is accessible to everyone for generations to come.  I want to work with you to make these decisions for our community, and be clear-sighted preparing for the future.  I’m asking for your vote, again, on May 4th to continue the good work we’ve begun.

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Meeting our wonderful firefighters at Firehouse #3

Meeting with the Rotary Club

Lakeline Park Master Planning is complete, and we’re now determining phases and their associated costs. Once that is complete, we’ll start looking for our partner developer. This park is shaping up to be the crown jewel in our parks system. I can’t wait to break ground!

Such a beautiful city with so much growth still happening, new large development projects starting soon are going to make this great city an even better place to live. There’s so much going on right now!


Cedar Park Profile

Bell Boulevard

Our Master Developer has been chosen, and we’re currently negotiating the details of the contract. While that’s going on, we’re working with TxDOT to finalize plans for the 183/Bell realignment, improving the rail crossing on E. Park and Old Bell, and getting ready to break ground on the new and improved Bell Blvd. Once complete, this will greatly improve traffic flow as well as pedestrian and bicycle safety through the area. After the road is complete, we can break ground on Destination Bell and Bell Park.


Estimated Population in 2020

Since I moved here 14 years ago, Cedar Park has grown 119%, and we’re expected to top 93,000 people by the end of 2020. With that much growth, it will take a steady hand and cool head to manage the stress on our resources and budget. I have shown myself to be that calm voice of reason through spirited debates.


Estimated Households 2020

We’re a young, growing, and vibrant community. I will work to make sure we address the needs of young and growing families as we work through budgets. Cultural, entertainment, and outdoor spaces are among my top priorities in planning for our future.


Median Home Value 2020

As more and more people hear about Cedar Park, the demand for housing becomes greater and greater. Not only are people moving in from all around Texas and the rest of the country, they’re moving here because Austin is rapidly becoming unaffordable. We have to do what we can to address affordability issues now.  We don’t want to wait until people are forced to move.