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Fri Sep 13th, 2019

Heather Jefts, Cedar Park

As with most of the recent council meetings, last night's meeting was difficult to watch. It's difficult because the level of dysfunction, disrespect for our city, and disregard for truth and basic decorum exhibited by some council members towards current Board volunteers as well as members of the public who came to participate in their government.

A portion of last night’s discussion focused on council appointments to volunteer boards and commissions. Before the meeting, all the current appointees were erroneously told by Mr. Robinson they were being dismissed and replaced. As that is not the process, and appointees cannot be unilaterally dismissed over email, they have continued to serve in good faith, because their loyalty is first and foremost to Cedar Park. However, they were told that they would be replaced and need not reapply. In place of diligent public servants, many who have spent longer serving our city than most members of council, Mr. Robinson said he wanted people who were loyal to him, who supported him, and who voted for him. At last night's meeting, when he claimed nobody else applied or expressed interest in serving, he lied. He knew he had made the current appointees unwelcome, and he implied none were willing to continue in their roles. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Subsequently, as Mr. Robinson’s appointee nominations were being questioned, he became more and more agitated, to the point of shaking and yelling at the Mayor, fellow council members, and even a private citizen who stepped up to speak. It is an intimidating thing for anyone to come before council, at a meeting being broadcast live, and speak on something you care about. For Mr. Robinson to then attack and yell and berate someone willing to step to that podium shows a great lack of self-control, civility, and temperament.

Fellow Councilmembers, the Mayor, City Staff, Board volunteers, and everyday citizens don't deserve to be treated this way. We all deserve better, and we all need to demand better.
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Common decency and professionalism have seen to have gone by the way side with both cities.

Perhaps more Cedar Park Residents need to attend.

Heather you are a true statesperson, exemplifying its definition time and again. Thank you for continuing to be a voice of reason. Cedar Park is fortunate to have you.

Be sure you get the truth behind what happened. Also we all know video clips are just that. Clips. there is a true case of sour grapes here regarding the last election return. The volunteers should be able to work with the present city council as well as the previous city council. Also remember the mayor is up foe re election next year. Lastly why is there a direct message to Heather Jefts linked to this thread?

I don’t live in Cedar Park and I’m glad. I’ve been watching this circus from outside of town and my word, what an absolute embarrassment the Cedar Park council is! Did they just round up the craziest people they could find and give them council seats??

I was unable to attend. Is the meeting videod somewhere?

Somehow we have to get these messages out to the residents of Cedar Park to combat the garbage put out by other groups. Especially around election time. Sometimes it seems all we hear and get in the mail is the “conservative” side of things and people believe that. We need a counter message to show what their people are doing.

When does he come up for re-election? I hope it is soon.

Can anything be done to hold Mr. Robinson accountable?

I wonder whose play book he is using as his guide? 🤔

That is awful what is going to be done

Lani Rosales

Did he threaten any witches?

I waited to talk until after 10pm but I was so exhausted I had to leave 😩 It sucks when you wait that long to talk and still don’t get to 😭😭😭 Luckily Corbin pretty much said what I was going to say anyway...

For future reference, anyone associated with Lyle Grimes is at the very least, not bothered by the fact that he owned a website and Facebook page for the purpose of (not so) anonymously defaming political opponents. And who believes his wife is unaware of his online activities?

After I spoke he told everyone that we were just “white noise” and everyone knows he isn’t a racist because he can’t be - he’s a veteran 🙄 For the record I’ve never heard anyone call him a racist. He’s a bigot - an open bigot. Apparently he thinks bigotry and racism are the same thing. Honestly there isn’t a brain cell to be shared between the three of those bigots.

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Tue Sep 3rd, 2019

Heather Jefts, Cedar Park

I'm not up for donation until October, but maybe you're able to donate? I love that Rep Bucy is hosting this blood drive here in Cedar Park. I hope you can make it!Join us for a blood drive at our new District Office! Come lend a helping arm and save lives between 9:00 am - 11:30 am on Thur., Sept. 12. It’s easy, just click here to make an appointment with the Bloodmobile online:

Don't forget to eat a full meal and bring you photo ID. If you have eligibility questions, check out We Are Blood’s website: If you have more specific questions or would like assistance signing up, call We Are Blood at 512-206-1266.
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Im not up for donation until October, but maybe youre able to donate? I love that Rep Bucy is hosting this blood drive here in Cedar Park. I hope you can make it!

Thu Aug 1st, 2019

Heather Jefts, Cedar Park

I hope you can join me for a beer and a great cause!Please join us at Red Horn Coffee House and Brewing Co. on August 9th at 4pm for the Matt Simpson Benefit and Local 4233 Helles Lager Release! More details available on our event page. ... See MoreSee Less

I hope you can join me for a beer and a great cause!

Mon Jun 17th, 2019

Heather Jefts, Cedar Park

I was disheartened to learn that some of our elected officials took it upon themselves to go and protest an event in Leander celebrating diversity and the LGTBQ+ community. While everyone is entitled to their beliefs, our leaders must hold themselves to a higher standard. It is not acceptable to participate in the marginalization of communities and demonization of people because they are different from you, especially when children are involved.

After all, this was an event for children, and it's up to parents to decide if that event is something they want their family to participate in. For those who chose to, why should their children be subjected to threatening and aggressive adults telling them they are going to hell? For those who chose not to, again, that is their prerogative. There's enough hate and evil in this world; we don't need to contribute to it. I will always choose love, to celebrate our community's diversity, and to support, respect, and defend the rights of all of my neighbors.
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I saw the story and I’m embarrassed for our community that some of our elected officials would support such bigotry. They are tasked with representing EVERYONE. Their behavior is patently inappropriate.

Thank you for calling this official out! And thank you for the loving example of inclusion! - Proud Cedar Park Lesbian

Well stated Heather. It was wrong of them to show up and protest for so many reasons-associating with Info Wars and other crazies, etc. Bigotry, stupidity and intolerance are always going to be a force to reckon with in our society unfortunately. The bottom line is that it was none of their damn business--the event was in Leander Public Library, not Cedar Park. And they embarrassed Cedar Park by attending. I hope this doesn't affect economic development deals in the works.

Thanks Heather. This just continues to emphasize the importance of getting out to vote.

👏👏👏agree Heather! Thank you for standing for love.

Thank you for truly representing us all!

Someone who doesn’t know they represent this great city of Cedar Park. They are no longer 'private" citizens but elected Cedar Park officials. Their actions unfortunately represent our city. If they want to march and protest for or against our many issues we face today, then they should resign and then they can do whatever they want. BTW, they DO NOT represent me.

Well said Heather. May I share?

Stand tall for what you believe. Love people for who they are.! Don’t allow hate!

Your thoughtful post, Heather, is a painful reminder that ALL POLITICS ARE LOCAL. There is no election that is so small that it is not significant to many— and long-ranging in its effects. Texas has early voting and this area has the easiest voting opportunities— to skip showing up is wrong.

Love one another !

Well said!

Two things that worry me about this situation: 1) This was actually a good political move by these guys. The kinds of people that condone this behavior get worked up and furious and then ACTUALLY GO VOTE. So I don’t see this hurting them in the long run 2) it’s “great” to think that a city councilman, when confronted with opposition (even erroneously) will immediately fly off the handle and threaten his opponents. Real classy behavior. When’s the next election?

Wait - WHAT? Our elected officials are participating in public protests about issues that are matters of civil rights? I feel like protesting THEM now. I also feel like attending a city council meeting and speaking out about this. Not kidding.

Religious freedom: ”I can’t do that, it’s against my faith.” Religious persecution: ”You can't do it, it’s against my faith.” The first is understandable, even if it's out there. The second indefensible and that person is a horrible human being that deserves to be exiled.

Good grief. They were even wearing bulletproof vests?

Who are they? I definitely want to know. Are there any pictures or videos of their behavior? This really needs to be addressed. I’m going to city council too.

I agree. When my son, now 35, was in elementary school, a small group distributed a letter opposing any education about gay pride month. I contacted the Principal to let him know I did not want my son subjected to this group's bigotry and mean-spirited reaction. He had two aunts he spent time with during summer vacations. His only experiences had been positive, and all he knew until then was that his aunts shared a loving relationship and they were his family. Love eventually wins.

I would like to know how the media knew who they were. If they were just familiar with their faces, it's one thing. If those elected officials made it clear that they were CP city council members while protesting, I have a serious issue with the incident.

Oh Heather! Please run again....we need people like you representing us, us as in all people of CP - those who look like you and those who don’t, those who love like you and those who don’t, those who worship like you and those who don’t. Because that’s what a real leader does, leads everyone!


Everyone has their beliefs respect them all

This editor's note... I knew the city lost when you lost, I didn't realize just how bad


You are so correct. If someone doesn't like an event, don't go. Absence is a statement.

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