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Mon Jun 17th, 2019

Heather Jefts, Cedar Park

I was disheartened to learn that some of our elected officials took it upon themselves to go and protest an event in Leander celebrating diversity and the LGTBQ+ community. While everyone is entitled to their beliefs, our leaders must hold themselves to a higher standard. It is not acceptable to participate in the marginalization of communities and demonization of people because they are different from you, especially when children are involved.

After all, this was an event for children, and it's up to parents to decide if that event is something they want their family to participate in. For those who chose to, why should their children be subjected to threatening and aggressive adults telling them they are going to hell? For those who chose not to, again, that is their prerogative. There's enough hate and evil in this world; we don't need to contribute to it. I will always choose love, to celebrate our community's diversity, and to support, respect, and defend the rights of all of my neighbors.
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Stand tall for what you believe. Love people for who they are.! Don’t allow hate!

Thank you for calling this official out! And thank you for the loving example of inclusion! - Proud Cedar Park Lesbian

Well said Heather. May I share?

I saw the story and I’m embarrassed for our community that some of our elected officials would support such bigotry. They are tasked with representing EVERYONE. Their behavior is patently inappropriate.

Well stated Heather. It was wrong of them to show up and protest for so many reasons-associating with Info Wars and other crazies, etc. Bigotry, stupidity and intolerance are always going to be a force to reckon with in our society unfortunately. The bottom line is that it was none of their damn business--the event was in Leander Public Library, not Cedar Park. And they embarrassed Cedar Park by attending. I hope this doesn't affect economic development deals in the works.

Thanks Heather. This just continues to emphasize the importance of getting out to vote.

Thank you for truly representing us all!

👏👏👏agree Heather! Thank you for standing for love.

Two things that worry me about this situation: 1) This was actually a good political move by these guys. The kinds of people that condone this behavior get worked up and furious and then ACTUALLY GO VOTE. So I don’t see this hurting them in the long run 2) it’s “great” to think that a city councilman, when confronted with opposition (even erroneously) will immediately fly off the handle and threaten his opponents. Real classy behavior. When’s the next election?

Love one another !

Religious freedom: ”I can’t do that, it’s against my faith.” Religious persecution: ”You can't do it, it’s against my faith.” The first is understandable, even if it's out there. The second indefensible and that person is a horrible human being that deserves to be exiled.

Someone who doesn’t know they represent this great city of Cedar Park. They are no longer 'private" citizens but elected Cedar Park officials. Their actions unfortunately represent our city. If they want to march and protest for or against our many issues we face today, then they should resign and then they can do whatever they want. BTW, they DO NOT represent me.

Well said!

Your thoughtful post, Heather, is a painful reminder that ALL POLITICS ARE LOCAL. There is no election that is so small that it is not significant to many— and long-ranging in its effects. Texas has early voting and this area has the easiest voting opportunities— to skip showing up is wrong.

Good grief. They were even wearing bulletproof vests?

Who are they? I definitely want to know. Are there any pictures or videos of their behavior? This really needs to be addressed. I’m going to city council too.

There should be a call that they be fired!

I agree. When my son, now 35, was in elementary school, a small group distributed a letter opposing any education about gay pride month. I contacted the Principal to let him know I did not want my son subjected to this group's bigotry and mean-spirited reaction. He had two aunts he spent time with during summer vacations. His only experiences had been positive, and all he knew until then was that his aunts shared a loving relationship and they were his family. Love eventually wins.

Wait - WHAT? Our elected officials are participating in public protests about issues that are matters of civil rights? I feel like protesting THEM now. I also feel like attending a city council meeting and speaking out about this. Not kidding.

Everyone has their beliefs respect them all

Oh Heather! Please run again....we need people like you representing us, us as in all people of CP - those who look like you and those who don’t, those who love like you and those who don’t, those who worship like you and those who don’t. Because that’s what a real leader does, leads everyone!


You are so correct. If someone doesn't like an event, don't go. Absence is a statement.

I would like to know how the media knew who they were. If they were just familiar with their faces, it's one thing. If those elected officials made it clear that they were CP city council members while protesting, I have a serious issue with the incident.

This editor's note... I knew the city lost when you lost, I didn't realize just how bad

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Wed Jun 5th, 2019

Heather Jefts, Cedar Park

Huge Congratulations to newly-promoted Sergeant Kristy Whitley and Corporal David Amidon, and new Officers Cash, Kimberly, Meeks, and Bond! The new officers are joining an amazing police department and a great city. Welcome aboard! Cedar Park Police Department ... See MoreSee Less

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I’ve enjoyed being a resident of Cedar Park for over 10 years. I was very disappointed to have witnessed the unacceptable behavior of a Cedar Park City Council member Dorian Chavez, that to my knowledge, has gone unchecked by the City of Cedar Park. Dorian Chavez is using his platform as Cedar Park City Council member to display and incite targeted harassment against a marginalized community member. Let me repeat that. A Cedar Park City official is using his platform to display and incite targeted harassment and violence against a marginalized community member. I’m very concerned that this public behavior has gone unchecked by Mayor Van Arsdale or any other Cedar Park authority. In addition, Dorian Chavez stood in solidarity with a Southern Poverty Law Center designated hate-group at a Leander family pride event, as these hate group members sexually harassed me, threatened to rape me and made obscene gestures towards me from across a metal barrier. Dorian Chavez stood in solidarity with hate-group members who felt it necessary to open-carry at a public library children’s event as they shouted threats at and harassed marginalized community members. Dorian Chavez was on the show “InfoWars” yesterday making defamatory statements and inciting harassment against community members. Mayor Van Arsdale is in a position to speak out against bigotry and offer protection for these marginalized community members. No response is a response - and it’s a full-throated endorsement. Dorian Chavez has a long history of not supporting the people of Cedar Park, below are just some of those examples: • Donation of The Death of A Nation book at the Cedar Park library – 43 weeks ago Chavez posted on Cedar Park City Council Facebook page donating the book The Death of A Nation to Cedar Park Library – The author stated • “Feminists are castrating misanthropes” • “Cultural Left in this country is responsible for causing 9/11” – Chavez proud to donate the book as a means of indoctrinating our children on radical beliefs • Leander Pride Festival and Story Time at Leander Library – Chavez proudly stood by and took smiling photos with Owen Shroyer of InfoWars – Owen Shroyer stating on YouTube post Obama was “treasonous,” adding “Find the tallest tree and a rope.” • The Three Percenters – anti-government group categorized by Southern Poverty Law Center – Solicited by Christopher Ritchie* • Mass Resistance Houston – designated by Southern Poverty Law Center as a Hate Group – Solicited by Christopher Ritchie* who is a known White Nationalist and violent offender. His actions prove you does NOT represent ALL residents of Cedar Park • Member of City Council should not behave like this, especially in another city; he has embarrassed our entire city • CANNOT be trusted to be bipartisan based upon actions and evidence Here is his PUBLIC Pinterest account, it is full of OVERTLY racist, bigoted material, including some disturbing articles regarding how politicians may get away with molesting children. There will be a protest at the City Council meeting on July 11th at 6pm (I’m not the organizer, just sharing the invitation). Please join me if you feel inclined. ✊🏻

Wed May 22nd, 2019

Heather Jefts, Cedar Park

I want to start by saying thank you to my supporters, volunteers, and everyone who voted for me. I also want to give a shoutout to everyone on city staff and the everyday citizens that volunteer their time on boards or commissions to help make our city great.

I'm grateful for the trust that was placed in me to have played a part in shaping our community's future. It's no easy thing but I'd like to think I carried myself with compassion and professionalism, and worked hard to be deserving of that trust. Together we put out city in a better financial future by implementing the first homestead exemption and paying down bond debt, grew our public safety departments and increased funding for resources and benefits to attract and retain the best professionals, focused on increasing sustainability and protecting the the environment, added more parklands, trails, and art in public places, and implemented ethics reform.

I want to also congratulate my opponent, Rodney Robinson, and wish him well on council. As I promised, I intend to respect the results of the recount. Regardless of who you voted for we can rest assured that our electoral process worked, and that is a good thing.

I'm going to take some time to catch up with my family and friends. But I fully intend to stay involved and give back in a way that makes sense moving forward. Again, thank you all so much!
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Thank you Heather Sanders Jefts Heather Jefts, Cedar Park City Council, Place 5 for everything that you have done for our City. Every vote counts, and if anyone ever doubted that their vote counts, all they have to do is look at your re-election race. I hope that you run again in 2020. I am so grateful to you for your leadership and your outstanding service to our community, and for the results that you delivered for us all. If I can help you in any way, please reach out to me. And if you want to join me for a beer at the Dig Pub, I am home until May 31 for sure.

Heather, You have conducted yourself with dignity and class and our city was very lucky to experience your honorable and caring service these past two years. Sadly, your opponent and his fellow GOP candidates appalling behavior was the opposite and I will be sad to watch the direction the Council will inevitably fall. It’s an all too common scenario in politics during the era of tRump. Sending blessings, love and good wishes to you and your beautiful family.

You did such a great job Heather! I’m looking forward to seeing what your next adventure brings!

Thank you for all you’ve done for the city. You honored every promise, and you are a shining example of what we should expect from our elected officials. It’s a sad loss for our city that you’re no longer on Council.

You are a class act and I personally thank you for being so kind hearted and doing such self-less work for our city! Proud to call you my friend! ❤️

Thank you for all you have done for our city, Heather. I’ll happily volunteer for you again any time, so I can’t wait to hear what’s next (after you get the deep breath you deserve) 😊

We appreciated all the updates you gave after each city council meeting, and love how you made sure the residents of Cedar Park stayed informed about what was going on in our city. Thank you for the time you gave <3

You rock Heather! Thank you for everything.

Thanks so much for all the work you’ve done! I think you’ve definitely earned some time to relax and rejuvenate, and I’m already excited about the tremendous things that surely lie ahead of you. 💙

Thank you Heather. You left Cedar Park better than you found it, and I'm sure you will continue to work to keep it an great place to live and work.

So proud to know you.

I am so grateful for all you have done and especially that you represented the interests and concerns of residents.

It was an honor and a great pleasure working with you and your campaign. But most of all seeing the huge DIFFERENCE you made, the visible changes that have made our growing community such a wonderful place to live. Heather, seriously, you made a difference and I know you will again.

Thank you, Heather, for being a person of integrity. Your hard work and transparency is admirable, and something all our elected officials should take note of and strive to do the same. I've loved watching you in office, and am thrilled to hear you plan to stay involved. <3

Your are a class act Heather. Thank you for your exemplary service to our City. I know we havn't seen the last of you in a public role. 🙂

You have been an amazing public servant from the beginning and I am sure we will see you in another role where you can help better our community. For example, your office hours were a great idea and I know I sent more than one person to talk to you about their ideas. Others in this thread have mentioned many other ways you have been one of the best City Council members Cedar Park has ever had. You were responsible for so many improvements in our City and I thank you. I admire your dedication and caring service. I was proud to be a supporter and will be there whenever you are needing help again.

You're fabulous, Heather! And a wonderful role model for all of us. Looking forward to what you do next.

Thank you so much for all you did for the City. The changes we’ve seen will endure I believe.

Cedar Park is a far better city now because you served, Heather. Your integrity, compassion, transparency and accessibility left a legacy that we can only hope is carried on by your successor. Get some rest and enjoy your sweet family for a while. We know you have a servant’s heart and will be back soon in one capacity or another. ❤️

Heather, thanks for your leadership the past two years. Your hard work on behalf of all Cedar Park families is truly appreciated. So proud to call you my friend.💙

Thank you for your service and leadership, Heather. You have helped our city and it’s people tremendously, all while being a true class act.

Everything about you is a deep beautiful breathe of what humanity could be. You completely earned the best elected official award and left some giant shoes to fill. Take some time off and know when you are ready we are here for you.

We will miss your breath of fresh air on city council but I’m glad to have met you and I hope this isn’t the end of you in city politics!!! I hope to get to vote for you again in the future 😉

Thank you Heather Jefts, Cedar Park City Council, Place 5! I'm so disappointed but hopeful this is a wake up call to those who ignored the plentiful time for early voting (from early in am to evening) AND the Saturday vote date. I do hope Mr. Robinson will give up on his criticisms of those of us newer to Cedar Park, just because we are new doesn't mean we don't love this community too! I will hope to see you in our community and politics in future!

Love you so very much Heather. You are an inspiration and role model ❣️

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Mon May 13th, 2019

Heather Jefts, Cedar Park

Through much deliberation, I’ve decided to formally request a recount. The vote count was incredibly close. A full recount gives everyone peace of mind that the voters’ intent was honored. I intend to respect the outcome of the recount and afterwards get back to work for Cedar Park in whatever capacity I am able. ... See MoreSee Less

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So relieved you are requesting this, Heather. From a 15 vote lead to suddenly the Randall’s vote taking so long to come in and then you are down to a one vote lead, to a week later a very few provisional and mail-in ballots changing it to a 2 vote loss - that’s just too close not to verify all of this with a recount. You have been one of the most transparent and accessible City Council members we have ever seen in our 15 years living here. We are here for you during this recount period and beyond, regardless of the outcome. ❤️

Cedar Park deserves a recount! You have worked hard for the citizens of this city for two years. It is well deserved.

So proud of you, Heather. This is the right decision. For you and for all of Cedar Park.

Thank you Heather. I’ve been holding my breath since Friday. Wanted to reach out but wanted to give you and your family time to reflect. So glad you are requesting a recount.

Something great is in store for you, no matter what happens. You have been an absolute asset for the City of Cedar Park. If your opponent prevails, I hope for his sake that he realizes that apartment dwellers/renters vote, too. That was an absolutely trashy thing of him to say in the LWV forum.

You have been a brilliant, accessible and hard-working City Councillor and appreciated by those who know you. May God have mercy on Cedar Park if the tRump Republicans take over. #Patriot #America 🇺🇸💙 🇺🇸

Yay!!! Thank you for seeing this process through the very end.

I'm really glad to hear this. We will contribute if there is any cost to you.

You are awesome Heather! You have great dignity and a hell of a lot of class!

Yes I’ll make donation for recount if only because it aggravates me when someone claims “God was on their side “. Yeah but only by two votes supposedly and, cmon, this is city council.

A young woman I encouraged to vote ended up casting a provisional ballot, and today reached out to me questioning the validity of the vote count. She and her mom voted for you and are extremely suspicious of your loss by 1 vote. I’m so glad you’re asking for the recount. Do you need us all to contribute? Tell us how if so.

Heather, I hope it tilts in your favor. I guess I don’t understand city elections, but seems like there should have been a run-off with a vote that close.

Good for you. You're a winner no matter what.

Great! Do you need donations for this?

Thank you for requesting a recount!!!♥️

So glad you are requesting the recount!

Thank you for doing so!

Thank you for being brave!

Thank you! He refused to answer any of my questions and purports to want to represent me. I am hopeful.

I know 2 or 3 neighbors who fell off my gift list because of this.

You are a true asset to the City and we appreciate all you do for the people of Cedar Park

My Heather Jefts sign is still up in my front garden.

I support your decision

You go girl!

Fingers crossed

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