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This is the campaign website for Heather Jefts, for Cedar Park City Council
Heather Jefts,Cedar Park
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Endorsements for Heather Jefts

Public safety is at the heart of our responsibility as a city and I take my oath seriously. That’s why I have supported new and upgraded equipment, increased staffing, improved healthcare, and better retirement benefits for our police and fire fighters. I am honored and humbled to receive the endorsements of our Cedar Park Police Association and Cedar Park Professional Fire Fighters Association, and I will continue to support them and all our First Responders, not only to assist them in protecting us, but to make sure they get home safely to their own families.


All of these of endorsements, including the personal ones,  mean the world to me. I strive to treat everyone with respect and compassion, and I’m here to represent everyone also. I serve all in Cedar Park.


Thank you all so very much for your support and belief in me.  I promise to continue to work hard to keep earning that respect.

We are very proud to support elected officials who support the citizens, the city, and public safety. Heather Jefts has demonstrated her support of these priorities, and we proudly endorse her.

—Cedar Park Firefighters Association

The Cedar Park Police Association proudly endorses Heather Jefts for Cedar Park City Council. We look forward to her continued commitment to the safety and the citizens of Cedar Park.

—Cedar Park Police Association

—Home Builders Association of Greater Austin

Heather Jefts has been fiscally responsible, ethical, collaborative, and hard-working. She has done a great job as councilmember, and that’s why my wife Stephanie and I are supporting her.

—Cedar Park Mayor Corbin Van Arsdale

I strongly support Heather Jefts for Cedar Park City Council.  In a political environment where its seems like we have so few good people running for office and plethora of undesirable candidates in either of the political parties, it is refreshing to have the ability to vote for such a solid and grounded candidate as Heather.  I have known Heather Jefts since 1999 – probably longer than any other person in Cedar Park.  Heather is a wonderful person with a strong moral commitment to do what is right.  She is fair, honest, and hard working. Regardless of your political leaning, you will not find a better person to serve on the Cedar Park City Council.  I only wish we had more self-less candidates running for office like Heather Jefts.  Thank you Heather for your hard work and commitment to Cedar Park.

Chris C. Gaskins
Cedar Park, TX

A personal story. We have all said a lot about all of the professional and community reasons we so strongly support Heather Jefts and Anne Duffy for re-election to our Cedar Park City Council. But I’m also a person who looks at people from a personal standpoint, as well.

Most closer friends know we had a really tough past year. All within the past ten months, we lost two very dear family members to cancer, my husband battled cancer and surgery himself, and in the middle of all of this – I was also dealing with a four month long painful and almost immobilizing illness that went undiagnosed (and therefore untreated properly) for many months. It finally turned out to be internal shingles (no external blisters to help diagnose it), but I was undergoing months of testing searching for all kinds of possible serious causes of all the pain at the same time all the rest of my family was ill, as well.

When you are going though difficult times, you notice who moves away from you and who moves toward you. We only met Heather and Anne about 2 1/2 years ago, so they are not decades long friends. But when my husband was diagnosed and facing surgery and I was also so sick at the same time, one of the very first people who reached out to us was the always incredibly busy Heather Jefts. For those of you who really know Heather, she is quite the cookie baker (even those really fancy looking iced cookies!) – and cookies were coming to us immediately, and she was regularly checking in on us to see if she could help us in any way. At the same time, Anne, being a long time nurse, was trying her best to help me figure out what to ask the doctors to check for next to try to determine why I was suddenly in so much pain. They both touched my heart so much during those difficult months for us.

Mind you, they weren’t up for re-election last year, so there were no campaign motives behind their sincere and kind gestures and concern. I pay close attention when a local candidate I have heavily supported changes once they are elected. I want to know people are authentic – and treat me the same after the elections as they did during the campaigns. And Heather and Anne both proved to us beyond a shadow of a doubt that we were right to support them the first time. And they have only earned greater admiration, respect and support from us in the past two years they have been on Council. As I said, there are many professional reasons to support them, but I wanted to also tell a personal “human” story of who they are as people, as well.


I have worked with Heather Jefts on a few animal issues. From those experiences I have found that when she hears a problem, she takes the time to gather the facts and talks to all the stakeholders involved.  She is readily available to her constituents to hear their issues.  Although I do not live in Cedar Park, I have occasions where I work with the different city councils in Williamson County. I feel she has served Cedar Park well and would voice my support to her to continue to be on the City Council of Cedar Park. As an animal advocate, I know from conversations as well as social media that Heather is a compassionate advocate for the well-being of animals.  Heather represents the city of Cedar Park well.

-Cheryl Schneider

In my experience, I run into Heather Jefts everywhere. Whether it’s at a community event, a local business function or just out and about; she’s always approachable and ready to listen. Through our conversations, it’s clear to me that Heather truly wants what’s best for everyone who lives and works in Cedar Park.

-Trent LaMonica

Dear Residents and Businesses of Cedar Park,

I would like to share with my fellow neighbors the reasons listed below why I’m endorsing Heather Jefts for City Council.

Heather is a true representative of our city of Cedar Park, and our voice of integrity to displaying her beliefs on ensuring ethics are respected through all processes of our local city government.

I’ve seen her in action during a city council meeting and appreciate how she asks the deeper questions and/or clarification on what is being presented to the council.  This means to me that Heather takes the time to do her research on all issues that would affect all residents and businesses of Cedar Park.

Heather is very approachable to ask questions and/or share ideas that would benefit our city.  She will help educate anyone who wants a better understanding on how our city government works and the purpose of our city council representatives.

I appreciate Heather’s proven leadership and advocacy on public safety.  She is responsible fiscally with our city’s budget, which tells me she is watching out for us as residents and business of Cedar Park, to provide what is best for our city to thrive.

Heather is someone I’ve gotten to know through her support of our business, and personally where I can call her a friend, and I trust her with our city of Cedar Park in her hands.  She will represent our city proudly and properly on our City Council.
Vote for Heather Jefts!

Enthusiastically with warm regards,
– Moriah Eberhart
A blessed resident and voter of Cedar Park

I personally wanted to thank you for what you do for our city. I’ve seen you pushing to help with our city growth, helping making Cedar Park an amazing place to live in. It’s not easy, as our city is growing in radical pace, and with it the challenges going from a small city into a metropolitan that serve the cities around us.

You have a lot of work ahead of you, we want more jobs, better education and services in our city, so keep pushing as hard as you can, you can never rest when you serve us, but you have our vote and confidence to do the job.

-Eyal Gallico

Hi Heather:

I’m sending this email to you to let you know how much I appreciate all that you do for the Cedar Park community. Since we first met a little over a year ago, I have witnessed first-hand the time and energy you’ve spent, and the passion you have, to help Cedar Park become a better place to live. There is so much negativity in our world today I thought it would be a good idea to send some positive energy your way to let you know that your efforts to help improve Cedar Park are greatly appreciated.

I’m so glad that you were able to become a Literacy Partner volunteer with the Education Connection program and help us get every child reading by the end of the 3rd grade. There are so many children in our community that need a stable, role model to consistently show up every week and read with them. You are having a positive impact in these children’s lives and I know they are having a positive effect on your life.

Over the last year I’ve seen you out in the community supporting our local businesses. Whether it’s a ribbon-cutting for a new business, an anniversary for an existing business, a business fair, or just being a patron at a local store or restaurant, you are there to support our local Cedar Park businesses.

You also take an active role in supporting the nonprofit organizations in our community. On Amplify Austin Day, you were promoting the non-profit organizations in our community. We are very blessed in Cedar Park to have a lot of great non-profit organizations and a supportive community of volunteers to help. I’m particularly grateful that you have shown support for the Cedar Park Public Library Foundation. Your support helps the foundation assist the Library in achieving excellence through financial assistance for Library initiatives like Books for Babies, and the annual summer reading program. Like me, I know you feel strongly about supporting our children and their education. After all, the children are the future of this community.

I would also like to compliment you for making yourself accessible to the community through your weekly “office hours” program. I think it is a great idea to allow the public access to you during the week. It gives us the opportunity to learn more about important issues in our community, where you stand on these issues, and to be able to voice our opinion. I think it shows that you are transparent and open to discussing different ideas as well as discovering what the citizens of Cedar Park are thinking and wanting.

Win or lose stay true to yourself. You and I have talked about it before; it is PURPOSE, not politics. Even if we don’t always agree on the methods, we all agree on the purpose. Our PURPOSE is to make Cedar Park a better place to live, own a business, and raise critical thinking, productive children who will continue to improve Cedar Park over the next 50 years.

Again, thank you for your dedication to Cedar Park, one of the best cities in the nation to live.


– Sincerely,
David Starnes