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This is the campaign website for Heather Jefts, for Cedar Park City Council
Heather Jefts,Cedar Park
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“Heads up, Cedar Park” campaign encourages transportation safety

Cedar Park announced the launch of a transportation safety campaign Aug. 24. “Heads up, Cedar Park” aims to encourage drivers, cyclists and pedestrians to travel safely and to lookout for each other while on roads or trails.
The program was created at the request of Cedar Park City Council Member Heather Jefts. Readers can find videos and flyers with safety tips online at


Cedar Park and Leander projects included in $400M for Central Texas transportation funding

CAMPO’s TIP also includes funding for the construction of a 3-mile path along Brushy Creek’s North Fork, starting southeast of the intersection of Parmer Lane and Whitestone Boulevard.
“It’s going to be very, very helpful for Cedar Park taxpayers to get the federal funding,” said Heather Jefts, a Cedar Park City Council member. “It will take a lot of the pressure off the city resources, having the state and federal grants assist.”
Jefts spoke at an April 9 CAMPO meeting to advocate for a submission for the TIP by the Capital Area Council of Governments, a funding request for the Commute Solutions program that was ultimately included in the plan. The program looks to reduce the number of single-occupancy vehicles on the road through telecommuting, coworking spaces and ridesharing programs in Central Texas, according to Jefts and CAPCOG’s website.


Cedar Park explores Town Center, Bell Boulevard redevelopment as future library sites

Council also discussed housing the new library in the future Bell Boulevard redevelopment. Council Member Heather Jefts said for the new library to offer several modern concepts and be viable it would need to be located where the city plans to have lots of people.
“I think it order to get the library to be a lot of things, it makes more sense to have it in the downtown district, the Bell Boulevard district, then in Town Center, because there just won’t be as much foot traffic there; there won’t be as many people driving through there,” she said.


Cedar Park considers two land use petitions for developments near Little Elm Trail

City Council Member Heather Jefts said she did not feel that the project would be in a good location for more residences due to its proximity to the city’s public works facility and Toll 183A.
“It would potentially be a good place for office space and what it’s zoned for, the regional office commercial,” she said. “I think that would be a better and higher use of that space than trying to find people who would want to be right next to the toll road and a wastewater treatment plant.

Cedar Park searching for answers in losing battle with traffic

CEDAR PARK, Texas — In a seeming never-ending battle with traffic, Cedar Park is looking for any solution to ease congestion on increasingly busy streets.

“We wanted everything on the table to take a look at what the needs were in the city and then also address what the wants were as well,” Heather Jefts, a former city council member who took office when the study was started, said.


Cedar Park reviewing Atmos Energy rate increase plan

 Council Member Heather Jefts said the resolution also allows the public to see the council working to combat the proposed increase. “It was very important for us to pass the resolution, as staff needs time to review Atmos’s findings and prepare our response,” said Jefts. “The rate increases seem on the surface to be unnecessarily burdensome on residents, especially considering Atmos was just the beneficiary of a large tax cut. The decision means our city is working for the residents of Cedar Park to keep their utility bills reasonable and logical,” Jefts said. “A large rate increase on residents paired with decreases for commercial and industrial, immediately following a tax cut for Atmos, appears at first glance unfair and illogical. We have now given staff time to dig into the details and counter with what we believe is fair and reasonable.


Cedar Park City Council makes changes to rules of procedure

Among the various rules of conduct adopted by the council is a paragraph requiring council members to refrain from disparaging comment against fellow council members, city staff, and the public during meetings, as well as outside of meetings in social settings and on social media.
Council Member Heather Jefts said that the ordinance had been under discussion for “quite some time,” and said the rule is not intended to prohibit speech, but instead is a call for council members to “conduct ourselves in a manner befitting the gravity of our positions.


Cedar Park nixes late fees at public library

“Library late fees are a thing of the past, according to Cedar Park Council Member Heather Jefts, and the city council voted on Dec. 13 to eliminate late fees at the city’s public library. Speaking at the Nov. 15 council meeting, Jefts said she had read that libraries are trending away from charging late fees. The result has been an increase in late materials being returned as well as an increase in the number of people using those libraries.