Having quality representation starts with accessible representatives. It’s not always easy to track down those representatives when you need them. I’ve held over 90 open office hours since first beginning this journey in 2017, and I will continue to be available whenever you need me, either virtually or face to face. I respond to letters, emails, and phone calls, along with posting and highlighting Council Meeting agendas, public meetings, and city-wide events. I want to empower everyone to participate in our community decisions.

Public Safety

The safety and security of our community is, and always will be, my highest priority. I will continue to work with our First Responders to ensure they have the tools they need to keep us safe and make it home safely to their families as well.
  • Public Safety in Cedar Park

    -Funded new positions within police and fire departments
    -Fought for and passed a major Cost of Living Adjustment increase for retirement benefits
    -Passed new healthcare plan to provide better care at more affordable cost
    -Opened Fire Station #5
    -Funded new and upgraded equipment for police and fire
    -Passed Safe Path to Schools projects to keep our children safe
    -Promoted and helped pass a drainage initiative to fund drainage projects and protect our community from floods
    -Proposed the Heads Up Cedar Park campaign to promote traffic safety and awareness

Affordability and Fiscal Responsibility

With rapid growth comes high demand for housing and services. I will keep fighting for realistic zoning and fiscally responsible policies to keep taxes lower and homes more affordable.
  • Affordability and Fiscal Responsibility

    -Lowered the tax rate every year, to its lowest level in well over a decade
    -Balanced the budget every year while continuing a high level of service for the community
    -Passed the first-ever Homestead Exemption, further reducing the burden on homeowners
    -Reduced city’s debt obligations ahead of schedule, saving taxpayers millions in interest
    -Brought in new businesses and development to lower homeowner burden
    -Fighting to end highly restrictive zoning codes

Transit and Transportation

We all hate being stuck in traffic. I will keep working within Cedar Park and with our neighbors to find common-sense solutions to the congestion.
  • Transit and Transportation

    -Proposed a Transit Study and comprehensive Mobility Master Plan update
    -Worked with CAMPO, CTRMA, and TxDOT to pass funding for new roads including 183A frontage, road improvements, and traffic reduction measures
    -Passed new signals and signage to keep cars moving and keep pedestrians safe
    -Willing to work with neighboring cities and leaders to get traffic moving and projects going


We need to ensure our economy is diverse and thriving. I’m committed to retaining and recruiting great businesses to provide quality jobs for all of us.
  • Jobs

    -Brought in thousands of jobs and new companies, including Hyliion, James Avery, Shop LC, NFM, and many more
    -Committed to continuing support for the amazing businesses we have here
    -Dedicated to fostering a positive community environment that attracts high-quality employers

Parks, Trails, and Recreation

Our parks and trails are the heart and soul of our community. It’s how we stay connected to each other, to ourselves, and to our environment.
  • Parks, Trails, and Recreation

    -Purchased additional 70 acres and broke ground on 200-acre Lakeline Park
    -Worked on the Bell District Master Planning to include over 12 acres of parkland
    -Funded public art, including the Vietnam Veterans statue, Iraq/Afghanistan female helicopter pilot statue, Sitatunga II sculpture, and many more
    -Increased sidewalk connectivity
    -Passed funding for bike lanes and mountain bike trails
    -Implemented recycling bins in city parks
    -Helped facilitate trash receptacles along public trails

Accountability and Ethics Reforms

Public trust is hard to earn and easily lost. I hold myself to the highest standards and will continue to work to maintain that trust. I will keep working with fellow Councilmembers for strong ethics policy and regular public engagement on our big issues.
  • Accountability and Ethics Reforms

    -Passed stronger financial disclosure rules for candidates as well as Council Members
    -Strengthened the Revolving Door policy, so former elected officials and city staff cannot use insider information for personal profit or gain
    -Effectively ended the “succession policy” of appointing new Council Members without elections

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